I think I know everything I need to know about this.

Jurevis Jackson became famous when he was still a teenager.

Please complete the attached application form.

May I come to see you at your office tomorrow morning?

His career culminated in the presidency.

That morning Jane went round the whole village.

Informed of her safety, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Give Raghu a kiss for me.

I have no idea what he's talking about.

Please tell me how to pronounce this word.


Then we visited Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States of America.


This is one of the greatest mysteries in all of science.


Music at times is more like perfume than mathematics.

You're kidding me.

I have to buy shoes.


Kiki harasses marginalized people on the Internet.


It doesn't matter how much you keep saying this is your house, please stop walking around naked.


I dance in my living room all the time.

Now, I believe in lunar colonization.

Hers was a nervous disease, and a change of air was an urgent need.

He has never been late for school.

Prakash pressed an ice pack to his head.

The bow tie gives him an air of extravagance.

There is not one person who is in agreement with the plan.


There goes the neighborhood.


She prides herself on her beauty.

A bottle of the wine was left.

That's not what was supposed to happen.

Claire saw Pandora catch a fish.

Nancy looks great.

Who is your lawyer?

If you don't tell her, I will.

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I don't know why Beth did what he did.

I am interested in the study of insects.

If so believed, it is God; if not, it is a stone.

We will not fail.

My menstrual cramps have been horrible lately.

His dog is barking at me.

We need more doctors like you.

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It's up to you, Jiri.

My teacher's word often come back to me.

You can't keep Allen from going to work today.

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My family consists of my father, mother, and sister.

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I'm sorry to bother you about this at work.


Serve the meal on a plate.


It's too cold.


I think I know what it is.

Marsh will try and stop me for sure.

I didn't want to involve him.

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Antony is off duty tonight.


There's a waiting list to get on the waiting list.

The girl has an exotic image for the boy.

You'll see.


Who's the girl with you?


I know you're desperate to find your father.

Believe none of what you hear and a half of what you see.

Have a look around.

This has become a yearly tradition.

You needn't have hurried. You've arrived too early.

I suggest that we take a new approach.

Have you ever had these symptoms before?

Did I understand that correctly?

When was the last time you saw the cat?

She decided not to contest the charges in court.

They say she's sick.

We're not used to visitors.

A job that you don't love is... a job.

Joon makes delicious coffee.

What do you plan to do about it?

This is getting difficult.

I put bait on the hook.


Are you an elitist?

I want to improve my knowledge of languages.

Carter seems to be unwilling to compromise.


Objection, Your Honor, this is all speculation.

My phone's ringing.

I have a bath every day.

Cherish the human in yourself.

Why don't we talk over coffee?

My heart just melted!

I've been hanging out with them.

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I am putting my baby into the bed.


Martin was captured almost immediately.

Why are you suing Daniele?

Danielle is really worried about Cyrus.

I was simply entranced by the beauty of her face.

Throughout the five years of painful cancer treatments, he managed to keep a stiff upper lip.

His strength is waning.

I just need a hug.

Wouldn't you like to go out and get something to eat?

How well he played!

Her voice carries very well.

Curtis helped Suzanne clean the house.

If Edmond had made that investment, he'd be a billionaire today.

He has lived through three heart attacks.

I talk to myself.

Her car struck against the gatepost through her carelessness.

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This book belongs to Paolo.

My mother told me not to go out.

Give me thirty minutes.

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Your dream will come true some day.

I can't answer that, because that question is too difficult to answer.

Novorolsky and Celia were in the middle of a heated argument when John walked into the room.

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Patty explained the situation to me.


I've written down all the numbers up to thirty-one.


Have you ever spoken to Lawrence?

Dennis went upstairs again.

Thank you for your translation!

I don't think things will change.

Tell me how you feel about him.

He told me that he had lost his textbook the previous morning.

You're not going to do it, I hope.

The supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy remained a mystery for thousands of years...

There are twenty-five students in the assembly hall.

Which will you take, this one or that one?

I can do just about anything I want to do.


Carlos turned round.

Do fish have vocal chords?

I'll fill you in sometime.

I don't know his real name.

It looks like Nick got sick from eating the spoiled food.


He lost his parents in a plane accident.

Can we talk to them?

Vice will have to be replaced.

Prosperity is not expected for the next two years.

Is that not normal?

Hamilton doesn't care about what Cynthia says about him.

I don't really know how it happened.

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I wonder if we'll ever see Gideon again.


He spends a lot of money travelling.

Don't look at me that way, I haven't done anything bad.

This is what they call a lucky break.

That lake looks like an ocean.

There must be someone behind this affair.


I broke my gas-powered rice cooker so I got an induction rice cooker instead.

After months of negotiations, the peace treaty was completed.

I'll just be out back for a while.

He wants to be a doctor in the future.

Some of the students went by bus, and others on foot.

Take the pan off the fire.

He has consistently been an advocate for the poor and downtrodden.

Evan left the party at 2:30.

Takeuchi is forgetful.

I guess you didn't talk to Wilson.

I am up to my neck in work.


She easily catches cold.

Both girls wear white suits.

It's the first time I touch a dolphin.

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From the moment that I knew that the university existed, I've wanted to go there.

You're stronger than me.

The job is as good as finished.

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I'll be back later.

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I have been satisfied with my work so far.


Who's the guy in the mask?

I wasn't really expecting that to happen.

Dr. Clark, may I ask a favor of you?

Please estimate the losses by Friday at the latest.

I watched an American drama.

Piete's phone kept cutting out and she couldn't make out what Shadow was trying to tell her.

He is the only person that can do it.

Brandi looked at his dog and his dog looked at him.

You said Trevor liked me.