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DeGao has been managed by the same family, the Zhous, since 70 years ago. We have made enough tiles to wrap around the earth more than six times!

We're believing

DG is a family business of faith. Every generation in the family uphold the pursuit of the true, the good and the beautiful. We deem that the inner fullness overwhelms the material wealth. We adhere to the principles of honesty in business all the time.

We're inherited

The Zhous, four generations are dedicated to tiles in the past over 70 years. Titles aren't something we aspire to be. They define who we are. We have made about 6 million pieces of tiles enough to wrap around the earth more than six times.

We're clinging

In past over 70 years, we’re experienced and known as an industry resource. Roofing products protect your most prized possessions - don't leave your roof to just anyone.

We're innovative

We encourage thinking, innovation, creativity. Because we don't have layers of management to wade through, our teams have the room to be adaptable and accommodating when the customer or industry needs change.

Why Degao Roofing Tiles

Why Degao Roofing Tiles


1.64w/(m.k) thermal conductivity, reduce energy consumption for factory operations.

Why Degao Roofing Tiles

Long Life

Underwrote by insurance company for 30-years service life.

Why Degao Roofing Tiles


Do not contain asbestos and radioactive element, meet the requirement of environment protection, can be recycled completely.

Why Degao Roofing Tiles


ASA layering, good corrosion resistance in acid, alkali and salt, won't be corroded for long-time using.

Why Degao Roofing Tiles

Zero maintenance

Professional guide and service for one-off and maintenance-free installation, with self-cleaning function.

Why Degao Roofing Tiles

100% leak proof

Overlap joint design to avoid leakage.

Degao Roofing

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