I'll stand by you no matter what others may say.

Edward needs some rest.

I thought we got disconnected.

I think it's a very good deal.

I was speechless.

Elliot doesn't have time right now to help you.


Would you please close the window?

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The company gave him a gold watch in acknowledgement of his services.


I met him at the barber's.

June often skips meals.

Angst is the fear of our own incapacity for peace.

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We can't take it any more!


I didn't know that Jef didn't know how to swim.

Dan is Linda's childhood love.

Our class is a small one.

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Gregge is probably just making a mountain out of a molehill again.

My mother said we look like sisters in all of our pics!

The boat was very crowded.

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Takao put the bottle of whiskey in front of Nathaniel.

The last I heard, Lonhyn was fishing up in Canada.

It's possible that we won't be able to eat tuna in the future.

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You need to start meeting women.

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I do run.


Wait here. I'll return shortly.


It was not my mistake.

Don't worry. We'll get to the bottom of this.

I wasn't good enough.

I have a lot of calls to make.

Len is good at cooking.

Is it OK if I start?

Do you have a table for five?


You're supposed to come home straight after school. You know that.

That's why Laurence told us not to do this.

We're finalizing our budget.

The instructor advised me to exercise every day.

Today we can't get anything without money.

You look contented.

Don't make faces.

That she grew up in America is well-known.

You've got to warn us.

Can you get a ticket for me?

Let's eat out for a change.

Please don't let me die.

Everyone knows you're crazy about him.

Amanda went there in person.

Did I interrupt something?

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I'd strongly advise against going there.

He thinks nothing of doing it by himself.

I work in a tourist agency.

Pieter is an extraordinary woman.

I don't remember anything about that.

We don't want her to leave.

How dare you talk to me like that!

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Make that book your basis.


Besides which that's only if unpacking the luggage proceeds smoothly and is finished by Sunday morning.

I've almost finished what I have to do.

Now you're bringing me down.

This is only a horse.

I think Jarvis would agree with me.

You'll catch the bus if you hurry.

Connectivity can be rated by ease, cost, time, distance, or capacity. What about scenery? That's a cost factor. It may be positive or negative.


I felt something moving on my back.

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Will I make it through?


For some reason he could not say the whole truth.


Nobody was around.

Don't tell her you're lost.

I'm not prepared to compromise.

I had to say something.

I can tell from your face that it's not good news.


I had horses, men, arms, and riches: are you surprised I am sorry to lose them? For if you want to rule the world, does it follow that everyone else welcomes enslavement?

Miriam lost all of his money.

He brought the art of painting to perfection.

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Kenji is always the first to come to school.


Napoleon's horse was white.

I like spring the best of the seasons.

Did I get any mail this morning?

Kanthan wanted to have babies right away, but Gale said that he wanted to wait.

This airplane from the 1940's still flies.

His house is at the foot of the hill.

We were excited to see the game.

I'm asking you to do this because I trust you.

How many videos do you download per day?

I'm not living with him anymore.

I think you look great.

Grace put the silver locket around her neck.

It could go either way.

Markus doesn't have to study French. He can already speak it quite well.

Why are you so clingy?

I will choose them for my mother.

Things may get even worse.

Do you keep your money in a bank?

I expect to be back by the 20th.

Burn the body.

Brandy didn't have time to do his homework.


My socks are in need of mending.


Your answer is very far from the purpose.

What time does the parking lot close?

I resigned from my position as club treasurer.

I've learned so much.

Dan would like to speak to you in private.

Rayan would hate that.

We were having fun.

Now that you are 18 years old, you should not do such a thing.

Excuse me, please check the oil.

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I am no longer able to handle the chest pain.


He wanted to flatter me.


Leonard went berserk.


Please keep me informed of the matter.

Do you really want to sell your guitar?

He is terrified of the dark.

One of us has to stay here and take care of Valentin.

The circumstances gave color to her story.

Sam looks very confused.

Nothing is more permanent than a temporary fix.

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It's up to you.

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Southern newspapers attacked Lincoln.


I was half expecting this to happen.

His mother must be proud.

What were your parents like?

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Kaj, alone, bent over the left edge of the sentence, was hesitating to jump, to put an end to all this story.

Never argue with a drunk.

Kayvan reads the Bible every day.

Do you drink diet soda?

We're extremely busy.

She didn't have much difficulty finding out the answer to the problem.

That's what I was thinking, too.

They are holding it.

I like grilled offals!


It is less the available structures and lexicon of a particular language that influence speakers' thought than the range they choose to call their own.

He was ashamed of the grades he got.

Use the napkin.

The blue dress suits her.

I recognized some of the tunes that Elsa played.

Are you still mad?

Edmund hasn't ever studied French.

Leads is squeamish at the sight of blood.

Meeting strangers is one of the pleasures of a trip.


Can you tell me what's bothering you?

She is someone you can trust.

Please bring your own fork and spoon.


Thanks to your help, I was successful.

My response is still negative.

Mike has two friends who are women.

There was a large audience at the theater.

The question is where has Mah gone.


Our delicious coffee is made from freshly roasted coffee beans.

I don't want things to change.

The flowers in his garden have withered.

It's beyong belief.

I thought there would be more of us.

We found out that what he said wasn't true.

Trust kills men and gets women pregnant.


Extremely loud music interrupted their conversation.

History develops through the replacement of the old by the new.

I feel like throwing up.

He quickly scanned my manuscript.

Did you buy these for them?


A big wave swept the man off the boat.

He never puts off anything he has to do.

The fear of failure is one of the most widespread fears in the world.

I just won't do that.

We tried store after store, but were unable to find what we wanted.