This classroom is very large.

Hey! Your baseball just broke my window.


This banana went bad.

Sanjay is a private detective.

Let's take it one step at a time.


Johan doesn't really know me.

Hold on a minute, Conrad. What is going on here?

Asked to marry him, I was at a loss for words.

We met at a party.

Ravindranath never had doubts.

Do you have an appointment with him?

He is a man of noble blood.

We've endured three wars.

Gunnar and Joachim are like family.


Micheal still misses Moran desperately nine months after his death.

Brandon called the cops.

Lois managed to put the fire out.

No mechanical problems were found.

He also needs many workers.


I have to find my pen.

How do I know if a guy is interested in me?

You're our only hope.

Does he have a passport?

Your arms are more important than that stick, so instead of using your arm, use the stick.

You have to help your friends.

Lucifer wasn't ready.

She is practicing the violin now.

Harris stripped off his dirty clothes and threw them into the washing machine.

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I called her Cathy.

I don't want your umbrella.

I need to hire somebody who can speak French.

It's so bad, it's good.

I'd rather have gone to the concert last night.


The accident taught me to be careful.

I have to dry my hair, put on makeup and get dressed.

Albert doesn't want to do that.


I never once doubted your abilities.

I'm the one who let Murthy get away.

Does Tommy still live in Boston?

I met Debi for dinner.

Jamie could lose everything.

Let's go by bus to see more of the city.

Start right now, and you'll catch up with them.

What kind of scientist are you?

She will take it.

What exactly do you want me to say to Brent?

There are some interesting exhibits in the museum.

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I thought it was absurd that you got punished.


Come to see me tomorrow.

Les's a first-time offender.

Many good grades will loom on the horizon.

Let's do dinner tomorrow.

He was present at the ceremony.

What do you find so interesting about Linley?

The concert was broadcast live.

She has put on weight recently.

You cannot learn too much about your own language.

Frederick didn't think it was likely that Seth was still at home.

The murderer is now on trial.


I'm staying at the Hilton Hotel.

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We gain more knowledge every day.

You can visit the museum tomorrow morning, while I am at the fair, because one person is enough to take care of the information booth.

Put a blue border around this picture.

Do you know anybody in Boston?

I'm not so lucky.

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Can you take me to her?

I had always wanted a son.

Today's the coldest day we've ever had.

Pierce is a changed man.

I discussed the matter with him.

At least tell them how you feel.

We have a small vegetable garden.


I'm ugly.


Jim climbed out of the boat on to the bank.

Kurt won this one.

We see things differently according to whether we are rich or poor.


Would you care for another sandwich?

I'm sorry, but we're closed.

This bus line goes out of the city.

There is no sense in your worrying about your health so much.

Ernie hasn't been sick in a long time.

She broke the dish on purpose just to show her anger.

Srivatsan filled the empty glass with ice.

I want to talk to the person who owns this house.

I'm satisfied with his progress.


Erick won't stop screaming.

She doesn't have a driver's license.

My father is engaged in foreign trade.


We used to visit each other on the weekend.

Mysore shouldn't have done that.

Everyone did it.

Common-law relationships are not legal unions in France.

You need to confirm your e-mail address.


Dad extended his legs on the sofa.

I'll find another job.

Guy couldn't figure it out.

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He doesn't have his medicine.

Now that he is old, it is your duty to look after him.

Thunderstorms are both scary and exciting.

I can't stand it here any longer.

Big girls don't cry.


How can you have a laptop and not a cell phone?

Wade is the only one who knows how to do that.

Omar is staying up late this week to prepare for her finals.

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I've never cooked professionally.

I'm the fastest runner in the world.

It was so obvious.

In his huge, hairy hands, a long whip, made of green snakes and black cats' tails twisted together, swished through the air in a dangerous way.

I started sweating.

I had to fill the gap left when our head clerk quit on short notice.

It is about time we bought a new microwave oven.

The storm rattled the shutters.

It's been very frustrating.

Babies can become dehydrated from a high fever, so I was told that it would be better to send him to the hospital.

I'm going to get some tea.

I'd like to have a little talk with you.

Ole can learn incredibly fast.

Having finished eating this one thing, he didn't eat any of the others.

I was concentrating on reading.

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On Tuesday, it was really cold.

I could not make my way at all because of the crowd.

Gasoline became so expensive that we had to let our car go.

It might be too late.

What do you think he did?


I'm burning up here.

These politicians want to build a bridge to nowhere.

Here's a questionnaire I would like you to fill out.

What will this mean for Edinburgh?

Elric never said he wanted to work for you.

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Your idea is worth its weight in gold!

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I seem to have left my umbrella behind in the train.

Would you like another glass of wine?

Casey filled out the form.


I used to go camping every summer.

Only six people came to the party.

It turned out that she was ill.

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We can make it work this time.


A temptation suddenly came over me to jump from the bridge into the river.


Abandon ship.

I was in love with this picture the moment I saw it. It's a masterpiece.

Jiri couldn't wait until the weekend.

I don't know what I'm going to do.

The report on the meeting is ready.

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I can't stand to be interfered with in my work.


Ricardo went on a date with Paola.

Try to find it.

I'm going to get there first.

I don't think her story is true.

I needed you a long time ago.

Pass me the salt.

I can't believe you did this behind my back.

Frances wasn't worried.

I burned my arm on the grill.

What are you people doing?


Change the animal!

My mother cannot drive a car.

You've assessed the situation perfectly.

I can read minds.

There's no time for talking. Time has come to act!

Can you tell us about her?

He found Radek.

Don't underestimate them.

We took the fastest train in the world from the airport to the city center.

This dog jumped.

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He knew how to put his ideas across.

I can't see where the problem is.

I'm on good terms with her.