Restore Videos From Corrupted Memory Card

About Videos:

Videos can be recorded using digital cameras, Camcorders, mobile phones, etc. and it is eventually stored by utilizing the external device called storage device. Users can back the important videos by connecting the storage device to a system via facts storage or USB wire.

Apparently, sometimes when you connect storage device to the system it may get corrupt due to various reasons and this type of error won’t allow someone to access the memory minute card further. To overcome, you might intentionally format the card leading to data inaccessible. For those who have any important video files within this memory card then you’ll be anxious to know how you can recover those files from storage device.

Well! You don’t worry because you are at the correct location. Yes! With the use of Memory Card Recovery Software, you can certainly restore videos from a corrupted memory card in much very less time of time.

Scenarios Liable for memory card corruption:

  • File System Corruption: File system holds every information about files which include file name, created date, modified date, size, and location. If any interruption arises on file system because of malfunctioning then there exists a possibility for a memory card to get corrupted which leads to huge facts loss.
  • Mishandling of Memory: When you try to insert storage device with a virus infected devices then there are chances for a memory card to get corrupted.
  • Improper Ejection of Memory Card: If you abruptly eject the storage device from a digital camera, cellphones, camcorders, data cable, etc. during the transfer process thus this type of incidence might result in storage device corruption.

Whatever may be the reasons behind memory card corruption but when you have crossed above-stated situations then you can use reliable Memory Minute card Recovery Software to retrieve videos as well as other files in a hassle-free manner.

Features of Memory Recovery Application:

  • Memory Card Recovery Software is developed and designed by a group of experts to recoup videos from a corrupted storage device.
  • Apart from videos, it has the capacity to recover other kinds of files such as photos, music, documents and graphical presentations.
  • It is the suitable tool to retrieve various video file formats such as AVI, MP4, MPEG, MPG, M4V, 3GP, etc.
  • By using this prominent tool you can certainly get back videos from storage device based devices which include the digital camera, Camcorders, smartphones, iPods, tablets and many more.
  • With the usage of this recovery tool, you can prominently return videos from several types of SD cards such because of Transcend, Sony, Strontium, SanDisk, Samsung and so on.
  • Memory Card Recovery enhances someone to scan an entire card and retrieve video files that are inaccessible due to formatting and virus infection.
  • “Find” option available in this tool allows you to locate the particular video file judging by file name, created time, modified date, size and location.
  • Once the movies files are recovered, you can preview those files just before storing any sought after location.
  • This software supports restoration of both Windows and Mac Operating system.
  • Also, if your files deleted from Camcorder you can retrieve it by using this reliable software. To learn more about how to restore deleted files from Video camera, go to  /

How to Get back Deleted Files?

As everyone knows computers and laptops have hard disks inside it we store our useful information in face of files and folders. And possibly at present, each one of these computers and laptops has Mac OS set up in it, since it provides quite interesting and useful features for the users. From students to businessmen and from workers in offices to politicians, everyone uses Mac computers to keep useful files like documents, bank statements, memorable photo files, music collection and other files. As there’s nothing perfect on this planet these days, data deletion problem occurs in almost all of the Mac hard disk drives and also the factors that can cause such miserable troubles are many in number. A number of them are human mistakes and several are system conflicts and few are unknown. As reasons are numerous due to which files gets deleted from Mac hard disk drive, however, the option would be merely one to solve this problem i.e. Mac data recovery software.

Nobody wants to lose their precious information from Mac HDD; some user starts worrying after these instances and several feel frustration if any useful information went missing. Each one of these conditions is normal for people who use computers around the globe, so you’ve to relax and check out for the answer to resolve these problems. Mac File Recovery tool will be there, and with this ultimate application, the user can rescue deleted information in the very short period of time. In addition to this, we will need to concentrate on the things that cause these crises on Mac systems.

Every computer user wishes that all the files which are kept on their computer can be easily available to them. That’s why they store files based on their use and to manage space in the hard disk drive, users regularly delete unwanted files. The real reason of file deletion arise here, in the event where user accidentally selects a number of unwanted files to delete and they also forget that some important info containing files were also get selected in this bunch and delete them, if user selects Command + Delete keys to perform this process, then we all know these keys make sure that the information removed is not send to Mac Trash Bin. It just signifies that you can’t restore that set of files again from your Trash Bin. If you wish to overcome this issue, then this application is the best and ideal solution which suits your needs. It is simple to perform deleted file recovery from Mac OS within a few steps.

In Mac systems, a selected quantity of space is specified for Trash Bin. And if we delete data from the system regularly, a stage comes once when the size of Mac Trash is actually full, the data bypasses the Mac Trash. More often than user’s selects “Empty Trash Bin” to generate space in order to store files deleted with simple deletion option. However, they forget that a number of valuable information is deleted because of this operation and they feel annoying after that incidence. Don’t feel sad in any respect because now on you can perform (502) 833-7340 at every situation by applying for this program.

Any type of interruption during data transfer like sudden system shutdown also ends in deletion of internal data from Mac hard disk. Similar to this a number of other reasons exist which place you in trouble, however, you don’t have to be worrying in any respect because you have this ultimate tool.

You’ll be able to rescue files deleted from Mac hard drive in just a few steps. A novice user can employ this utility because it is made with a simple and easy graphical user interface. Very helpful facts are mentioned below to get rid of the misconception of Mac OS users. See clearly.

Actually, the information which is been deleted from your drive is just not removed permanently until any new file takes exactly the same address pointer. Users think that the files have disappeared for forever, however, the truth is, just the pointer directing towards it storage location is taken away and is flagged as empty to store new data. It demonstrates that the probability of recovery remains until new info is overwritten to that location. So don’t worry, follow some precautions and perform the recovery operation easily. Just install the application on your system and open its home screen to proceed with deleted file recovery operation from Mac hard disk drive in few simple mouse clicks.

Data Recovery from Mac Hard Disk Drive

Are you looking for any hard drive recovery software? Do you need to perform hard drive data recovery on Mac Computers?  If it is yes, then need not to be panic anymore and not even requires to get stress about the loss of data from the hard disk of Mac Computer because with the development of the technology and hard work of the experts, now it is possible to perform Mac hard drive data recovery with the help of the software like Hard Drive Data Recovery Software. This software is inbuilt with a strong procedure which can easily retrieve files from the hard drive on all the different platforms of the Mac operating system in just a few clicks. It is updated with most advanced features and many new options are added in this utility in order to be successful in recovering lost files. Now let us have some glance at the hard disk drive and how files get lost from it.

The hard drive is a disk-like structure which is an essential component of the computer device. It is used for storing of files and also helps to access the files which are stored whenever requires. Hard drives have the capacity to supports for storing the different files with various files container like IMG, JPEG, JPE, MP3, MP4, etc. With the help of this storing device, you can store audio file, video file, image file, games, applications, contacts, calendar, MS files, and many more files with ease.Mac hard drive data recovery

It also provides users to store huge amount of data but it depends on the capacity of the hard drive. If the huge amount of data is stored on Mac hard drive, then users may get difficult in approaching files for accessing them. Here at this stage, you need easy access of files in that huge data. This can be provided by this hard drive only by storing the data on the different divisions of its own and this technique of dividing hard drive are termed as partitions. The entire data is split up to the various drives depending upon the usage.

These partitions can be created by any user in the hard drive as it helps to stores the data of HDD and also it made easier for the user in accessing the files. With the partitioning of the hard drive, the user gets beneficiated with many features. Users can operate dual booting on the system. It means that you can use two different operating systems individually on the drives. Instead of these many features, files get erased from the hard drive when the drive is formatted. Actually when the hard drive on Mac computer is formatted then it empties the entire device by deleting all the files from it. In some cases, users should forcefully requireformattingt the hard drive. Let us see one scenario in which user may opt for formatting the drive.

When you get format error to the hard drive, then it is not possible to open the drive and access the files of ha ard drive. At this moment, users should forcefully opt for formatting the drive as he/she may not find any other option rather than formatting the device because whenever users tries to access the files of the hard drive and open the drive but it will get displayed with an error message saying that the device needs to format in order to access and after clicking ok, you may lost all files from the hard drive of Mac Computers.

Here at this stage, you need not required to get worry about the loss of files from the drive as Hard Drive Data Software helps you in recovering lost files. As it has strong scanning algorithm which can easily search the lost files from the formatted hard drive. Read more about Mac hard drive recovery software by visiting this page and get more information about this software.


Mac hard drive data recoveryHave your hard disk partitions are inaccessible?  Are you unable to access your files saved on disk partition? It can happen due to the corruption of hard disk partition. Once the disk partition is damaged, then you are unable to access the files saved on that partition. There are many courses by which disk partition can be damaged few of them are file system corruption, virus attack, OS crashes, bad sectors, MBR corruption, partition deletion, improper formatting and the hard drive failed. In order to get back your important data files from disk partition, you need a highly efficient third-party app like Disk Partition Recovery because there is no other way to perform data recovery from hard disk partition.

This hassle-free app is developed by using an advanced searching algorithm which enables you to perform deep scanning of corrupted or damaged hard disk partition and recover each bit of data as it was previously. With the help of Disk Partition Recovery software, you can easily recover data from hard disk partition which can be manufactured by any brands including Quantum, Lenovo, Transcend, Kingston, Iomega, SanDisk, Maxtor, LaCie, WD, Buffalo, Seagate and many others without any more difficulty.

Common Causes of Hard Disk Partition Data Deletion or Loss:

  • During reinstalling the operating system, you need to format hard disk partition for installation. In this process, if you mistakenly choose the different partition, then all the data saved on that wrongly selected disk partition get deleted.
  • Hard Disk partition file system corruption is one of the most common problems. At the time of converting file system or disk partition or extending or shrinking the size of the disk partition, if any interruption occurs, then there is a chance of file system corruption by which partition becomes inaccessible.
  • Accidental formatting hard disk partition can also be a reason behind data loss from it. This formatting process removes all the data files present on the partition in single mouse clicks.
  • Taking the help of any untrusted app for scanning disk partition or drive partition defragmentation can also lead to data loss from disk partition.
  • While removing useless data files from disk partition, you can end up with an accidental selection of few important files and delete them by using the key combination. These wrong selected files get removed permanently from the drive.

Features of Disk Partition Recovery Application:

  • With the help of this easy to use a program, you can easily recover data from damaged, formatted, deleted, inaccessible or corrupted disk partition within few simple mouse clicks.
  • Disk Partition Recovery software is capable of performing data recovery from disk partition which can support any file system such as FAT16, ExFAT, NTFS5, FAT32, HFS, NTFS and HFS+ very easily.
  • It supports to recover data from disk partition on all the latest versions of both Mac as well as Windows operating system without any other difficulty.
  • This hassle-free utility has the ability to recover different types of data files such as images, text file, movies, documents, applications, audios and others easily.
  • You can take the preview of recovered data files before saving them to other disk partition.


“Hi guys, I cannot play my MP4 movies on QuickTime application. Often I encounter “Error 2002: bad public movie atom” message on screen. What does that mean, and how should I eliminate it? Somebody please help me!”

What is a bad public movie atom?  How to fix issues related to it?

Movie atom is nothing but a file that contains all essential information about video format, audio format, time, etc. A public atom is one that needs to be read by player and presented. When something goes wrong in your movie atom, it is not peculiar to see ‘Error 2002: bad public movie atom’ pop up. This kind of error is difficult to interpret whenever video is viewed on QuickTime application.

What causes such issue?

  1. Unsupported codec

Whenever, a program converts video file with unsupported/ uninstalled codec error 2002 occurs. More clearly to mention, there exists many software that helps to convert certain video files into QuickTime supported formats. If video conversion using this program is done without proper codec installation, there starts the program. One can automatically face public movie atom error on Mac. .

So what should be done?

Install proper video codec that is supported on video converter tool.

  1. Due to QuickTime software upgrade

If QuickTime software is upgraded improperly or partially, problem may arise.

What should be done?

Upgrade/update the software properly.

  1. Unsupported video file format on QuickTime

Try to play the video file with VLC or “MPlayer OSX Extended” media players that considers all video standards and formats. It can sometimes play videos that QuickTime Player refuses to play.

What next?

If you have installed both QuickTime and VLC players, follow the below method-

Step 1: Quit QuickTime application

Step 2: Launch to open VLC player

Step 3: Select the target File. Click on it open

Step 4: Hit on Play button and fortunatsely enjoy the video file

  1. Corrupt video file

Use a reliable third party application to repair corrupt files. Be choosy about the software because insecure tool may further corrupt the file.

How to Recover Shift Deleted Folder on Windows 10?

“I ran into a big trouble as I have accidentally deleted a folder using Shift Delete option on my Windows 10 computer. This deleted folder contains my important documents and other media files. After deletion, I realized that folder gets removed permanently from the system drive because all the files and folders removed by this Shift + Delete combination bypass recycle bin and get deleted forever. Files stored in this folder are very crucial for me. Is there any way to get back folder deleted by Shift Delete key combinations? How to recover Shift Deleted folder on Windows 10 system”

Yes, there is a possibility of folder recovery after shift deleted command, but before talking about folder recovery methods, let us see what happens when a folder is deleted from system drive by using shift delete key. When you delete any folder with Shift + Delete keys, then system displays a warning message like “Are you sure you want to permanently delete this folder?” If you click on ‘Yes’ option without reading the message, then folder bypasses recycle bin and gets deleted permanently.

Once a folder is deleted by Shift Delete keys, you cannot restore it from recycle bin. If you have a proper backup of them, then it is very easy to restore deleted folders from backup. But the problem arises when backup is not available. In this situation, you may think about how to recover Shift Deleted folder on Windows 10 system. So to overcome from this folder deletion issue, you can take the help of an advanced third parry recovery program and easily restore your folder deleted by key combinations.

Undelete Folder is one of the highly efficient recovery program which is enough capable of recovering Shift delete folders from system drive in very easy way. This recovery application is developed with user friendly interface which allows you to recover folder from drive just by following few simple instructions provided by it. This is built with a number of advanced features which enable you to recover folders from Windows 10 computer drive which can be deleted by key combinations or any other methods easily.

Salient Features of Undelete Folder Software:

  • With the help of this utility, you can recover folders based their creation date, name along with files saved in it.
  • Undelete Folder app can restore folder from system hard drive / partitions, external hard drive, pen drive, emptied recycle bin folder, memory sticks and others.
  • You can take the help of this tool to get back deleted folders and files on all the versions of Microsoft Windows operating system based desktops and laptops.
  • Undelete Folder app is capable to restore files and folders that can be deleted by using Command prompt in very easy manner.
  • It has power to recover folders from drive on Windows 10 computer hard drive partition which can be assigned to any file system like NTFS, FAT32, NTFS5, and FAT16.
  • This recovery software can be utilized to recover videos, audios, text files, documents, programs and various others.

How to Fix “Cannot Read File” Error in PowerPoint

It’s definitely an annoying moment when the PowerPoint application shows you the error “Can’t read file”. It may be your important presentation that you want to present the next day at the office, or it may contain important slides, it may be a presentation for college and anything. No one wants this error to appear while opening their PPT files. This is due to the corruption and it needs to be repaired badly. So, we are going to use a software called Remo Repair PowerPoint to fix this error. You are not going to tell PowerPoint says cannot read file after suing this tool.

Key Attributes of Remo Repair PowerPoint

  • Remo repair PowerPoint is designed for repair of the PPT files created with different versions of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and so on.
  • It uses powerful repair techniques to fix Cannot read error thus repairing efficiently.
  • It repairs PPS, PPTX and PPT file which fails to open giving Can’t read error due to corruption or damage.
  • Users will be able to preview PPT files after repair process is over. This shows the reliability of using this tool.
  • Users won’t lose a single attachment in the slides as they get each and every slide along with the headers and footers.

Watch the step by step instruction of how to use this tool to fix the PPTX file by eliminating Cannot read file error.

Causes of Cannot Read File Error in PowerPoint

  • This can be due to Trojan and malware infections in the computer which possibly would have infected the files present on the disk.
  • PowerPoint file interruption while transferring activities such as copying or moving to one storage media to another.
  • Shutting down the computer abruptly without saving any changes would possibly cause damage to your PPTX file and when you open next time, it shows can’t read file error.
  • Ejecting the storage media containing the PPT file while it is still in use or open by any software causes damage.
  • Opening PPT file using any other software rather than MS PowerPoint corrupts it and when you try to open it next time, it will probably give you the error that it cannot read file.

So to defend these type of cases, it is recommended to save the file before closing any application, use an up-to-date antivirus software and remove the storage media safely by using the soft feature options.

Steps to Fix Cannot Read Error

Download the software Remo Repair PowerPoint on your computer and finish the installation process. Then, try to repair the PowerPoint file by loading it on the software. Then finish the process by clicking on Repair button. Once the repair process gets completed, you can preview it and then save it finally. This ensures that this software works in repairing all PowerPoint files. Now open the fixed PPTX file, you won’t get any errors and your slides will display perfectly fine on your screen.

Restore Deleted or Lost Files- Data Recovery Software

download (1)Have you accidentally deleted file or folder from the system? If yes, no need to worry Recover Files tool is an effective which is capable in recovering files from any data storage device. This software can be easily installed and launched on Windows and Mac system. With this tool, you are able to recover deleted or lost files (media files, PDF files, archive files and other files types). It recovers all files from formatted, corrupted or damaged data storage device. The software contains powerful scanning tool that scans the drive and recover almost all files without any issues.

Some advantages of Recover Files tool

  • Recovers files from SD card, memory card, hard drive, external HDD, etc.
  • Installed on Windows and Mac based machine
  • Restore files from formatted and corrupted storage device
  • 300 file types can be easily recovered with this tool

Some of scenarios due to which files are deleted or lost from the system

  • User accidentally press delete or format button on system
  • Bad sectors on drive results in data loss from the drive
  • File system corruption corrupts the file table and finally data lost from the system
  • Virus or Malware programs in system is always responsible for deletion of file
  • Any interruption while moving files from one system to another result in data loss

You can use this software to recover data lost due to above mentioned reasons. This application is safe and secure to use on any system as it is free from all types of virus and malware programs. You can also check the performance of this tool using demo version.

Features of Recover Files Tool

Supported Device: The application is supported and installed on both Windows and Mac based system. The few versions of operating system on which this software can be easily launched are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc.

Recover File Types: Some of the file types that can easily recovered through this application is JPG, PNG, MP3, GIFF, TIFF, PDF, DOCX, DOC, MOV, MPEG, MP4, AVI, ZIP, etc. The software can also add new types by its own and then recover with utmost ease.

Save Recovery Session: Save Recovery Session of this software can resume the recovery process any time. It is strictly advised to users not to disconnect the drive until the process is completed.

Technical Support Team: Recover File tool consists of 24X7 working technical support team. You can contact the team through the phone calls or emails.

Find Option: You are able to search the recovered files from the list with this option available on the software. It saves your valuable time in searching files from large list according to file name and file types.


“On a weekly basis, I used to create and submit work report in the form of Excel recover-excel-spreadsheetSpreadsheet. But, yesterday, unluckily the Excel Spreadsheet which is containing valuable data of whole week got deleted accidentally. I can even restore it back if I perform simple deletion but I used shift+ deletion option to delete them. So, I am unable to restore it back. Can anyone suggest me how to recover deleted Excel Spreadsheet on Windows?”

Microsoft Office Excel is used to store information about business, finance, education, hospitals, etc. in a spreadsheet. It has many features such as you can insert user tables, pictures, charts, clip arts, etc. to analyze data efficiently. However, the user may lose Excel Spreadsheet data due to various known or unknown reasons. In such case, don’t think how to recover deleted Excel Spreadsheet on Windows. You can use the Office File Recovery software to perform Excel Spreadsheet data recovery with great ease. To know how to make a Spreadsheet in Excel, you can visit this link: /

Reasons for Excel Spreadsheet loss or deletion:

Accidental Deletion: You may delete the Excel Spreadsheet accidentally while deleting unwanted files from the system hard drive or emptying Recycle Bin. As a result of which, your important Excel Spreadsheet may get lost.

Accidental Formatting: Formatting of computer hard drive partition or device in which your Excel Spreadsheet file are present instead of some other drive.

Interruptions: Interruptions like sudden system shutdown while transferring Excel Spreadsheets to some device or vice-versa, power failure, etc. leads to losing of Excel Spreadsheets.

Other Reasons: Some other reasons like improper file system conversion, hardware failure, improper system shutdown, etc. lead to lose of Excel Spreadsheet.

However, if you have encountered with any of the above-mentioned conditions, then don’t get devastated as you can easily recover Excel Spreadsheet using Office File Recovery software on all Windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, etc.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Always take backup of essential Excel Spreadsheets on any storage devices.
  • Don’t store any data on the drive from where you have deleted or lost any files.
  • Keep your system free from virus attacks to avoid unexpected loss of files that are stored on the system including Excel Spreadsheets.

Features of Office File Recovery software:

  • Office File Recovery software has advanced scanning algorithms which scan your storage device and restore deleted or lost Excel Spreadsheets with ease on Windows system.
  • Using this tool, you can recover deleted or lost Microsoft Office files such as PowerPoint presentations, Word files, etc. as well as media files, program files, compressed files, etc. with utmost ease.
  • It recovers files including Excel Spreadsheets from NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, and ExFAT file system.
  • Using this software, you can easily recover Excel Spreadsheets from a various storage device such as external hard drive, SSD drive, memory card, pen drive, flash drive, etc.
  • It supports Office file recovery on Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2000, 2002, 2010 and 2013.
  • Use demo version of the software which is free of cost to analyze the efficiency of the software.
  • You can view the recovered files once scanning process is completed using “Preview” option of the Office File Recovery software.


Hard drive is an essential part of the computer which holds the entire data which 128-ssd-driveyou have saved upon it.  For various important data, we are creating various partition on the hard drive with different memory space. User can store various files such as videos, pictures, audios, documents, etc. on hard drive, USB drive, SSD drive or any storage devices. Hard drive and various storage devices assist you to organize various files. Sometimes, you may accidentally erase the data from hard drive, USB drive, SSD drive, etc. without seeing its contents that are stored on it.

For example take a situation where you have opened Windows Explorer to access data from E drive. But as soon as you clicked on that drive, you got an error message that “E drive cannot be accessed”. After seeing this error message you got shocked and without thinking anything your format the drive by right clicking on the drive and perform “Quick Format”.  Once you format the drive, now you will get the access of the E drive but it showed you o bytes of files. In case the data that are stored on the E drive is not important then you may go for adding new files. But if any important files are present on that then you can restore it with the backup files. But if you have not taken any backup then you need to use any data recovery software like Drive Wipe software to wipe SSD, hard drive, USB drive, etc. with great ease.

How to securely erase data from SSD drive?

Wiping of SSD drive arises when you don’t use the SSD drive or want to sell it. At such particular time, if you don’t want to share your personal data with other then you need to wipe SSD with the help of any recovery software. Mostly people think that formatting or reformatting the SSD, Hard drive will fully erase the data. But you can restore all wipe SSD drive, hard drive data using any reliable data recovery software to get back all formatted data from SSD drive, USB drive, hard drive, etc. To safely and permanently wipe SSD drive, hard drive, USB drive, you need a powerful drive wipe software like Drive Wipe software which allows you to erase all the data. For more details, you can visit this link: (609) 390-4765

Features of Drive Wipe software:

  • Using this software, you can permanently erase the data from SSD, hard drive, USB drive within few mouse clicks. To know how to erase your hard drives, you can visit this URL: /
  • This software uses nine (9) different shredding patterns known as international sanitization standards to delete files forever from various storage devices on Windows operating system such as Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, etc.
  • The sanitization standards used by Drive Wipe software are Random Overwrite, NATO standard, Fast Zero Overwrite, NAVSOP-5239-26_RLL, German VSITR-US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M), Peter Guttmann Secure Deletion, US Navy,
  • This tool facilitates you an option to wipe data from any storage device using “Wipe Free Disk” option.
  • The software is utilized to wipe the data permanently from IDE, PATA, SCSI, SATA, ATA, etc. hard drive interfaces.