What do you say to going for a drive now?

We really should do that.

Our friends took a walk in the park.

Get ready.

Hello. Long time no see.

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Do you think he'd go out with me?

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We seem to be confused.

You don't have to go to the trouble of getting an umbrella.

That wasn't a coincidence.

Would you like to help me?

I intended to have been a teacher.


I'll ask around and see if anyone knows of a solution to this problem.

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Will you please call me this evening?

Her dress and shoes were a good match.

Hector and his friends played basketball all afternoon.

Are you certain about this? Absolutely certain?

It's not in my contract.

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I think it's time for me to throw a little party.


The game made him excited.

Flames from the rapidly spreading fire now licked against the neighbouring house.

Thanks to the taxi driver, we had a very wonderful time in London.


Unfortunately, that didn't happen.


A moon rocket will be launched tonight.

Now why would you go and do a stupid thing like that?

We need our demands to be met.

I want him to know the truth.

The firm has built up a wide reputation for fair dealing.


Dominick can't cope very well with these kinds of situations.


Arnold is tired of people telling him what to do.


Sometimes, smaller is better.

He is content with his life as a baseball player.

You know it better than me.

That was a wonderful success.

I encourage you to come and kneel with me at the foot of Calvary's Cross and be washed in the blood of Our Savior Jesus Christ.

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I think Toby is fussy.

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Lievaart remained there until 2013.

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You're not the only one that was hurt.

I'm afraid it's rather cheap.

Kate won't come back again.

We heard a noise.

Make love, not war!

Have a seat, Lin.

He's playing with his friends.

Dinner will be at 6:30.

He has gone to America.


It has nothing to do with you.

They're teachers.

Don't pressure Donna.

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Today was a very tough day.

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She told me how it was wrong to steal.

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The city was all aflame.


I had not run five minutes when I got out of breath.

I would like to live in luxury.

I'll buy this desk for Tandy.

Camel archers are very powerful.

Klaudia was as nervous as Moore.

She's supposed to be back by lunch time.

Everyone knows Rabin was the one who broke the window.

Ann denies that he broke the window.

Where do you really want to go?


Roger that.

His brother is a very capable doctor.

How did you know that I was going to ask you that question?

I don't find her particularly attractive.

What are you expecting to find here?

Jarmo isn't a farmer.

Do you want to join me?


She is well-liked by all.


He promised to pay us high wages.

Norma asked for it and he's going to get it.

She treated me badly.

The rain washed away the soil.

You need permission to put up that sort of poster, and, most of all, you're ruining the looks of the street!

It's incontestably the best method.

Ghosts exist.

I just want you to think about me once in a while.

I find it hard to talk about myself.

I don't know how to explain it.

Ira came home pretty late last night.

They all know this.

What's your favorite kind of sushi?

So everyone understands: This is my country, and her problems are my problems

Why is everyone clapping?


He can't afford a new car.

Interfering a funeral it's a great show of disrespect.

Celeste did that against my advice.

The soldiers clicked their heels together.

I wonder why Mah came at a time like this.

A shame that you don't know that.

The government is corrupt!


A haiku ought to have a word that pins it to a season.

Japanese forces marched into Burma.

Isn't it incredible?

My point is a broader one.

I don't see Arlene anywhere.

I do a good job with my work.

Why do you even care?

That is not safe.

I now know the answers.


The press ban on the case was removed yesterday.


You're too old.


Show me where it hurts.

I hate working with kids.

I came to apologize for what happened yesterday.


Walls have ears.

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You can't yell at me like that.

She cut the cake in two.

Izumi told me that you probably know where Turkeer lives.

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I think it is dangerous for you to drive a car.

I have to get dressed.

There weren't many boys at the picnic.

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Most of Micheal's friends know that he's in the hospital.

However, the preposition+relative pronoun (which) part becomes a relative adverb (where).

Everyone seems to be nervous.

Ten to one he will be elected chairman.

Miriam is acting really weird right now.

The judge ruled in her favor.

That sounds funny to me.

Impatient at the delay, many drivers began to blow their horns.

Do I have to insert coins first?

I've been really happy here.

He has a heavy frame.


If you are taking your shoes off, please put them in their place.

Have you tried it yet?

In my city, Warsaw, it is cold.

I decided to try again.

Have you ever killed a lion?

Our team can easily beat your team in the first game.

He was irritated by her delay.


He still lives with his parents.

Toerless wants a rematch.

A postman brought newspapers every morning.


Look at that high mountain.

Ramiro doesn't look sick.

She always seems to be smiling.


I want to drink a Guinness right now.

You can't swim.

Production of rice has decreased.


Nikolai doesn't need to worry about Val.

I have to take it off.

I'll make you proud of me.


That's always a big concern.

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The phone is ringing!

He accepts gifts from students.

Let's speak in English.

I think Lindsay should go on a diet.

Bill searched the entire house.

It was snowing that day.

I am in deep water.


I never imagined he'd do that to me.


Everyone is smiling in the picture.

This town gave to great men.

Dimitry isn't one of us.


Interestingly, the way we understand words is not always that obvious.

You're not an innocent girl, are you?

My son had been writing for several hours when I entered the room.

The bartender walked over to where Anatoly was sitting and asked him what he wanted to drink.

If you don't like it, don't eat it.